Buying an apartment is one of the most important decisions that you can make in your life. When you buy an apartment you need to take into consideration the following: good location, high quality standards, safety standards and the possibility to decorate it however you want.

At Central, we understand all of these things that are essential for you and for your living expectations. We aim not only to create a residential complex, but also a new lifestyle for you.

Picture this: a luxury residential complex in the centre of Bucharest city, a highly accessible and well developed area, with facilities all around - Central. The name is not just a coincidence. It was carefully chosen to reflect not only the excellent location, but the lifestyle that you’ll have here, surrounded by opportunities.

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What is the best thing in the world after a busy day? Coming home to your special place, your relaxation corner, your eden. At Central you’ll enjoy ...


We all have places to go to. Living at Central facilitates the road to your daily errands because you will have nearby the Ștefan cel Mare and Obor ...


Have everything you need at the touch of your hand and always be around when something interesting happens! Central is the proper place for you, be...

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