We create a special lifestyle for people living at Central by using excellent finishes, like:

  1. Metal exterior door at the entrance to the apartment
  2. PVC Salamander carpentry, 86 mm Tripan profile, Roto ironwork and 3 double-paned locking system.
  3. Plumbing - PEX Rehau Rautitan pipe lines
  4. Batteries and sanitary ware of the following range:
    - Roca sanitary ware
    - Kludi batteries
  5. Geberit WC system with control board
  6. Thermal installations - PEX Rehau Rautitan pipes
  7. Buderus 24KW individual central heating
  8. Bawerk double-layer parquet.
  9. Porcelain tiles for bathrooms max. size 60x60cm.
  10. Apartments with individual metering
  11. Speed elevators with low waiting time

We reserve the right to change information on any of the materials without previous notice.

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